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$537 /mo
You get this topping with your Unlimited Seller plan:
  • Revenue Recovery:  25%
Our proprietary process recovers your lost revenue with no risk!
Our rate only applies to the amount we successfully claim for you from Amazon.
Please check this box if you want to opt-out of the Revenue Recovery service.
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Unlimited Seller - Monthly
  • Full Menu of Services
  • ​Unlimited Task Submission
  • ​2 Open Tasks (+ boost)
  • ​Annual Amazon Account Health Check
Revenue Recovery - Monthly*
  • 25% Service Rate On Claimed Amount
*Optional. To exclude this service, check the opt-out box above.
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Success Story

"Out of the blue, Amazon took down my best-selling listing with 6,000 reviews. I tried to fix it myself and Seller Support told me it would never go back up. That was for a solid 8 weeks!

Seller Candy were everything to bring my business back to life. They literally made me millions of dollars."

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